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Omicron variant of coronavirus has pushed the global cases of Covid-19. (Photo: Pixabay)

Covid symptoms despite jab? How it depends on your vaccine

The omicron variant of the novel coronavirus is spreading fast across the globe. Experts say there are some symptoms that appear prominent with the new Covid variant and differ from the delta variant. But some experts suggest the symptoms could vary in vaccinated people depending on the shot taken. Many healthcare experts have advocated getting the third shot in the wake of these emerging and more dangerous strains of the virus. 

The Omicron variant of coronavirus has pushed the global cases of Covid-19. The world has been grappling with the coronavirus disease for two years now. It has become the dominant strain in the United States.

Dr Craig Spencer, an emergency room doctor in New York, shared his observations on Twitter about what he has seen during Covid-19.

“Every patient I’ve seen with Covid that’s had a 3rd ‘booster’ dose has had mild symptoms. By mild I mean mostly sore throat. Lots of sore throat. Also some fatigue, maybe some muscle pain. No difficulty breathing. No shortness of breath. All a little uncomfortable, but fine,” Dr Spencer said.

The doctor also said that every patient that needed to be admitted for Covid has been unvaccinated. They had “profound shortness of breath” and their “oxygen levels dropped when they walked”. “Everyone needing oxygen to breath regularly,” he added.

Covid symptoms in vaccinated people Here’s what he found:

Every patient who got a third booster COVID-19 vaccine shot had mild symptoms. This included sore throat, fatigue and muscle pain.

Patients who had two doses of Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines had mild symptoms but more than those who had three doses. He said there was more fatigue, more coughing and more miserable symptoms overall.

Those who had one dose of Johnson & Johnson were worse, feeling horrible with a fever for a few days. Tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath and cough were also common COVID-19 symptoms for this group.

Every patient that needed to be admitted was unvaccinated. The unvaccinated had “profound shortness of breath” and their “oxygen dropped when they walked,” he said. The unvaccinated needed “oxygen to breathe regularly,” he added.

Omicron is a heavily mutated variant with an unusual constellation of mutations and is very different to other variants.  7 omicron symptoms you should watch out for:

1) Cough

2) Runny nose

3) Fatigue

4) Sore Throat

5) Headache

6) Muscle pain

7) Fever

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