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Republic Day violence

PM Modi appealed to the countrymen to write about freedom fighters. (Photo: @narendramodi)

Mann Ki Baat: What PM said on Republic Day violence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday spoke out on the Republic Day violence. He said that the nation was shocked to witness the insult to the National Flag on January 26. The Prime Minister made the statement while addressing this year’s first ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme.

“This month, there has been very good news from the cricket pitch too. Our cricket team, after initial setbacks made a grand comeback, winning the series in Australia. The hard work and teamwork of our players are inspirational. Amidst all this, the country was saddened by the insult to the Tricolor on the 26th of January in Delhi. We have to infuse times to come with new hope and novelty,” PM Modi said.

His comments came in the aftermath of the violence on January 26 when farmers protesting against the three controversial farm laws entered the Red Fort and unfurled their flags from its ramparts. The next round of talks between the farmers and the Centre is scheduled for February 2.

PM Modi hails India’s vaccination drive

PM Modi also hailed the country’s vaccination drive and said, “India is not only running the world’s biggest vaccination drive but we are also the fastest in vaccinating our citizens.”

He further added that India has vaccinated over 30 lakh Corona Warriors in just 15 days.

“The Made in India vaccine is, of course, a symbol of India’s self-reliance,” PM Modi said.

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“Just as India’s fight against Corona became an example, our vaccination Programme too is turning out to be exemplary to the world. Today, India is undertaking the world’s biggest Covid Vaccine Programme. Do you know what’s a matter of more pride? Along with the biggest Vaccine Programme, we are vaccinating our citizens faster than anywhere in the world. In just 15 days, India has vaccinated over 30 lakh Corona Warriors, whereas an advanced country such as America took 18 days to get the same done; Britain 36 days!”

Highlighting that India is helping the world during the COVID-19 crisis, he said: “These days, I receive messages for India from Presidents and Prime Ministers of different countries of the world. You must also have seen recently how the President of Brazil, in a tweet thanked India – every Indian was proud of it. You must have noticed about the vaccination programme that India is able to help others because India today is self-reliant in the field of medicines and vaccines.”

“In times of crisis, India is able to serve the world because India, today, is capable of medicines and vaccine, is self-sufficient. This is also the idea of a self-reliant India campaign. The more capable India is, the more it will serve humanity, the more the world will benefit,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi lauds ‘Naari Shakti’

He also lauded the increasing participation of the country’s women in different fields.

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“Dear countrymen, you would have heard a few days back that four women pilots commanded a direct flight from San Fransisco in the US to Bengaluru. The flight covering a distance of over 10,000 kilometres, brought over 225 people to India,” PM Modi said in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’.

“You must have seen two women IAF officers creating history in this year’s Republic Day parade. Be it any field, the participation of the nation’s women is continuously increasing,” he added.

PM Modi: Govt is committed to modernising agriculture

The central government is committed to modernising farming and will continue with its efforts in the future, the PM said during his Mann Ki Baat address

“Recently, a month-long ‘Strawberry Festival’ began in Jhansi. Everyone is surprised – Strawberry and Bundelkhand! But, this is the truth. Now, there is growing enthusiasm about the cultivation of Strawberry in Bundelkhand, and one of Jhansi’s daughters – Gurleen Chawla has played a huge role in it!. Jhansi’s Strawberry festival emphasizes the ‘Stay at Home’ concept. Through this festival, farmers and youth are being encouraged to do gardening and grow strawberries in the vacant spaces behind their home, or in the Terrace Garden.

Friends, experiments like the Strawberry Festival not only demonstrate the spirit of Innovation; they also demonstrate the manner in which the agricultural sector of our country is adopting new technologies. Friends, the government is committed to modernizing agriculture and is also taking many steps in that direction. The efforts of the Government shall also continue in future.”

India is going to celebrate 75 years of its independence

He also appealed to the countrymen to write about freedom fighters and stories of their struggle to mark the country’s 75th Independence Day this year.

“I call upon all the countrymen and especially our young friends, to write about our freedom fighters, events associated with it and write books about tales of valour during freedom struggle from their areas. Now that India is going to celebrate 75 years of its independence, your writings will be an ideal tribute to the heroes of the freedom movement,” said PM Modi during ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the monthly radio programme.