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Afghanistan crisis

Can the world remain just an observer of what is happening in Afghanistan? (Photo: Flickr)

Afghanistan crisis: Subjugation of a nation and the Taliban rule

Afghanistan is the country that has been crying for help for the past few weeks ever since Taliban forces captured the throne of the runaway President Ashraf Ghani. Reams have been written on the plight of Afghans and the crisis in the country under the Taliban regime. The heart-wrenching scenes at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul are no longer jolting the people around the world. The so-called Islamist Emirate’s vain promises no longer deserve a mention across different media platforms as the numerous reports of human rights violations gather momentum.

Upon retracing the steps of how this situation came to be in Afghanistan, it is crystal clear that American policies have been majorly responsible for bringing ruin to Afghanistan. During the era of the Cold War, both America and the Soviet Union managed to gain strong footholds in Afghanistan, initially through infrastructure investments and later through military intervention.

Taliban a ‘Frankenstein Monster’ created by imperialists

After the withdrawal, civil strife became the norm. Owing to public instability and political manoeuvres, both America and the Soviet Union began meddling, funnelling money to opposite factions and eventually creating the mess presently known as Afghanistan. It is a ‘Frankenstein Monster’ created by imperialists who merely wanted to show off their prowess.

The gloomiest narrative is the brutal massacre that is happening, some reported and largely unstated. Young girls are being solicited by the Taliban for marriages and are brazenly abused; young boys are being recruited to serve under the Taliban. The biggest danger is not the Taliban themselves but the illiteracy which has made them ill-informed of their religion and has led to wrongful interpretations of the Islamic religious tenets.

Kabul blasts by ISIS-K and grim reality of Afghanistan crisis

The recent suicide attack which transpired outside the Kabul Airport, in which many US personnel and Afghan civilians have been killed and many have been injured, clearly indicates that the situation is currently chaotic and uncontainable; the grim reality that Afghanistan is not only home to Afghans and Taliban, but the ISIS-K (Afghanistan wing of Islamic State – who are at present a global threat) is equally active and thriving in the environs of Afghanistan.

It has become a nasty web where the Taliban, which once had quiet backing from the US and its allies to eliminate ISIS from its turf, is now under scrutiny for its role in establishing a fanatical regime. The world can not merely be an observer. The impending refugee crisis is going to exacerbate the situation and the US and its allies might end up fostering terrorist inclinations in people bereft of shelter and food. This ancient saga of subjugation is the ultimate curse upon humankind. Who must be accountable and who must fix this responsibility is open for discussion! Meanwhile, as the story develops, the suffering seems to be mounting.

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