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Find Android phone

On most Android phones, there is a Find My Device feature. (Photo: Pixabay)

Android phone lost and switched off? You can still find it

What is your most prized possession? If a survey is conducted on this, it’s pretty much sure more than 90 per cent of people will say mobile phones. In today’s world, the phone has become almost an inseparable part of every generation. Be it, kids, young, millennials, office goers or old, everyone is just glued to their screens. The thought of mere losing a phone is enough to induce panic. But what would really happen if someone lost their phone? Well, if you lose your phone – be it iPhone or Android- there is no need to panic. There are inbuilt tools in every Android phone with which you can track and find your lost phone with ease.

How to find lost Android phone

On most Android phones, there is a Find My Device feature. Any time a person signs in to an Android device with his/her Google account, the Find My Device is automatically turned on.

There is some bit of good news for Android users, Google is in the process of creating a network for Android users where all the devices will be connected within a network which will be helpful for Android users when they may have misplaced their device. This latest technology will be quite similar to Apple’s Find My network used to track a lost Apple device.

What changes in the new Find My Device version

The latest feature will now allow Android phones to be found even if the lost or stolen phone is switched off. The previous Find My Device version could only find phones which were switched on and were connected to an active internet.

Google is yet to officially release the update.

How will this new feature work?

1) As per the latest Google Play Services beta update, users will get an option to join the network or opt-out of it.

2) The new feature will help in tracking phones even if it is switched off, according to 9to5Google.

3) It will have a ‘Spot’, which uses encryption and gets refreshed at specific time intervals.

4) However, it is not yet clear what the new network will be able to track and whether it will only be limited to phones or not.

Meanwhile, Google is also working on the expansion of the Android Earthquake Alert system, which will be launched globally soon.

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