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Doorstep banking

PSB Alliance is offering customer-oriented services at doorsteps. (Photo: PSB)

Doorstep banking: What public sector banks are offering

Are you a customer of a public sector bank (PSB) like State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB) or Bank of Baroda (BoB)? Are you aware of the banking services that you can get at your doorstep? Doorstep Banking is one such initiative taken by PSB Alliance through which customers can avail major banking transaction services at their doorstep. It shall be implemented by Door Step Banking (DSB) agents in 100 major Centers across the Country for offering different financial as well as non-financial services.

What is PSB Alliance

PSB Alliance is an umbrella setup of all Public Sector Banks, jointly offering important customer-oriented services envisaged by the government of India under EASE of Banking reforms.

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What is doorstep banking?

Customers can now avail basic banking services such as cheque drop/collection and cash deposits/withdrawals, from the comfort of their home. One can even open a fresh fixed deposit, using Doorstep Banking Services or DBS. The services offered under DBS vary from bank to bank.

Which banking services can you get at your doorstep:

1) Pick-up Services

  • Cheques, drafts and pay orders
  • New Cheque Book Requisition Slips
  • IT Challan
  • Standing Instructions Request

2) Delivery Services

  • Drafts, pay orders
  • Term Deposit Receipts
  • Account Statements
  • TDS/Form 16 Certificate
  • Gift Card

3) Other Services

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners
  • How to avail doorstep services

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How to avail doorstep banking service

1) To avail the above services, you can call on the toll-free number 1800 1037 188, 1800 1213 721.

2) You can also visit the official website of Indian Banks’ Association’s official website

3) You can also download the DSB Mobile App to avail all the above services.

4) You have to link your mobile number with your bank account.

5) All requests generated up to 3:00 pm should be completed within 3 hours, and the request generated after that should be completed by 1:00 pm the next working day.

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Doorstep banking charges

Banks charge anywhere between ₹60-200 (plus taxes), for every DBS request. For services to be offered through their alliance, PSBs would charge ₹75 (plus taxes) per financial/ non-financial service.

Cancellation charges

Cancellation charges are not applicable if cancellation is done under the following 2 circumstances: 1) In the case of the Post service, order cancellation is done before the agent picks up the document from the customer. 2) In the case of Preservice, order cancellation is done before the bank user completes the request. In all other circumstances on cancellation, no refund shall be done.