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Ola electric scooter colours

Ola electric scooter is poised to pull the attention of buyers of all ages.

Ola electric scooter colours revealed. Here is how to book one

Ola electric scooter has been making a lot of buzzes. Be it’s colour, features, booking price. It seems the marketing strategy has just hit the right button. Ola Electric CEO and Ola Cabs co-founder Bhavish Agarwal keep updating the customers about the electric scooter which is expected to be launched in India rather soon, His latest tweet has revealed the colours of the scooter. Taking to the social media platform, Bhavish Agarwal has announced that the upcoming Ola electric scooter will be launched in 10 colour options. With a wide range of colour options on offer, the Ola electric scooter is poised to pull the attention of buyers of all ages.

The highly-anticipated Ola e-scooter will reportedly be offered in ten colours, including Red, Blue, Yellow, silver, gold, pink, Black, Blue, Grey and White.

The company, honestly, seems it has yet another move to offer: home delivery of its scooters. Yep, word has it that the company will deliver the Ola scooter straight to customers’ doorsteps. While this is obviously terrific for customers.

Ola electric scooter features

Quick to conquer

Takes the lead with breathtaking acceleration that’s faster than fast.

Made to manoeuvre

Comes slick with superb traction for exceptional handling on all surfaces.

Big on boot space

Holds helmets for two and still leaves space to pack in more.

In addition to this, the upcoming e-scooter will also receive features such as a dual projector headlamp, a hook for carrying luggage, split-type rear grab handles, single-piece seat, external charging port, LED DRL and taillight, a black coloured floor mat and a fully digital instrument cluster.

Booking for Ola electric scooter

To reserve your Ola Scooter, you must log in to via your phone number, using an OTP validation. Post signing in, you can reserve your Ola Scooter by paying ₹499 using net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI, e-wallets or through OlaMoney. Yes, you may reserve multiple scooters if you wish. You can cancel and receive a refund at any time. Earlier, the company stated that it had received one lakh bookings within a 24-hour window.’

Ola electric scooter mileage

Ola Electric is said to be offering a range of around 150 km on a full charge. The company claims that the bike can run up to 75 Kms with an 18-minute charge. However, customers may get complete clarity when the bike hits the road. 

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