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US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill met the British Queen on 14 June. (Photo: Twitter / POTUS)

What Biden told British Queen about Putin and Jinping?

What would you like to know when you happen to meet the president of the United States? Well, of course, that depends on your area of interest. But it is equally interesting to know what the British Queen liked to know when she met Joe Biden. In the aftermath of the G7 summit on Sunday, Elizabeth II and Biden met for over a 45-minute talk at Windsor Castle, and seizing the moment, she queried him about none other than the Russian and the Chinese Presidents. The revelation was made by the respondent himself.

Why did Queen Elizabeth inquire Joe Biden about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping? Well, that’s understandable for two reasons. First, anyone who keeps tabs on the development of international politics knows it very well how these two heads of the states have been occupying the mind of the US President since he took over in January 2021. Even before he headed for the G7 summit in the United Kingdom, Joe Biden made some scathing comments on both Russian and Chinese counterparts. And it will be a mistake to believe that the 95-year-old British Monarch doesn’t keep an eye on what’s happening around the world.

Source: Twitter / POTUS

Why Elizabeth II inquired about Putin and Jinping?

Therefore, finding the man of the moment sitting next to her, the Queen might have resolved to know the first-hand account of the emerging scenario from Joe Biden himself. Having watched the world for over 68 years since her coronation and having played some crucial roles in it herself, she is bound to be curious about how the two world leaders – Putin and Jinping – may impact the policy of the United States.

Second, she could also be one of those who are wary of the Russian and the Chinese Presidents and a commentary from Joe Biden may have offered her a better understanding of the threat they might pose on the world in the near future. Her inquisitiveness, in that case, could be obvious as the US President is naturally privy to a lot more information on the designs of the two nations.

Source: Twitter / Derek Momodu

No one discloses what transpired in meeting with Queen

The revelation was rare though. Because usually no one discloses the content of discussions with the British Queen. She is known to hold weekly interaction with the British Prime Minister but the contents are always kept under the wraps.

Even the US President, however, has not disclosed anything else but the subject of their interaction only. The questions and the answers are still confined between the two of them only.

Another aspect is that there could a strategical, wider reason behind Joe Biden’s revealing the topic of their talk at the Castle. He is anyway on the move to corner Russia and China internationally by cobbling the remaining nations together – especially the allies who broke up during the Trump regime.

British Queen reminds me of my mother: Joe Biden

However, before flying out to his next stop, Brussels, Joe Biden also said that he had a long talk with the Queen and she was generous. He added, “I don’t think she’d be insulted, but she reminded me of my mother. In terms of the look of her and just the generosity.”

Clearly, Biden is not Donald Trump who infamously broke protocol in his meeting with the Queen in 2018 and 2019. He was aware of what to say and what not to say. That’s why even while likening Elizabeth II with his mother, he was careful enough to cite that it should not be taken as an insult to the Queen.

Hence, it won’t be unwise to believe that the divulgence of the talking point by the US President was not unintentional.

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