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Do few things immediately the moment you realise that you have lost your phone. (Photo: Pixabay)

Mobile phone lost or stolen? Do 5 things to keep money safe

What should you do when you lose your smartphone? Well, almost everyone has gone through that phone separation anxiety in their life at least once. They are no longer just phones, they are our mini banks, shopping stores, photos, the video gallery and all our contacts and emails are stored in the device. So, of course, losing a phone is enough to press your panic button. But you need to do few things immediately the moment you realise that you have lost your phone or someone has stolen your phone. Do these 5 things to keep money safe,

1) Get your SIM blocked

If someone has stolen your phone, call the telecom provider immediately and get your SIM blocked. This is the first step that you should do immediately. And don’t worry about the mobile number as later you can get a duplocate SIM issued for the same number. Ensure you do the following to stay safe so that thieves can’t access your OTPs of financial services.

2) Change your passwords

Even if there is a chance you could get your phone back, you want to be sure that no one misuses it. Use your computer or another mobile device to reset the passwords for your online banking, UPI, wallets like Paytm, Google Pay and others. Don’t forget to reset your email password. Social media app passwords should be changed as well. Also change your password for your shopping apps, Netflix and other streaming sites.

3) Call your bank

Call your bank and block access to online banking services. If thieves are able to access your banking accounts then they can easily transfer money as they will continue to get OTPs on your mobile.

4) Contact your financial institution

Even for credit cards, you should call to let your bank know that your phone has been stolen and someone may access your account information. They can freeze your accounts, or monitor suspicious activity.

5) Visit the nearest police station and report it

Visit the nearest police station and report the incident. Do not forget to take a copy of the FIR.

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