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Hate long queue? Try SBI ADWM for banking services

The Cash Deposit Machine, better known as Automated Deposit cum Withdrawal Machine (ADWM) is an ATM-like machine that allows you to deposit cash directly into your account using the debit card. You can use this machine to instantly credit your account without visiting the branch. The transaction receipt also provides your updated account balance. And the SBI says its ADWM can be used for several other key banking services than depositing and withdrawing cash.

“Why stand in a queue when you can avail key banking facilities on an ADWM near you? Watch the video to know more about the facilities available on it,” State Bank of India (SBI) said in a tweet.

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Some of the salient features of ADWM are:

  • Instant credit of cash deposit into your account
  • A quick and convenient way to deposit cash
  • Paperless transaction
  • The per transaction limit is Rs 49,900 for Cardless deposit and through Debit Cards Rs 2 lakhs (subject to account has ceded with PAN number).
  • You can also deposit cash in your PPF, RD and Loan accounts
  • Up to 200 currency notes can be deposited in a single transaction
  • The ADWM only accepts denominations of Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs500 & Rs 2000
  • Cash Withdrawal: You can also withdraw cash through this machine of SBI as well as of Other Banks accounts.
  • PIN change: Use this service to change your password at regular intervals.
  • Balance Enquiry: Expecting an inflow of funds in your account? Use this service to check the current available balance in your account. This service is available on the main options screen after swiping your card. You can also ‘Go Green’ by selecting the view option as the balance is displayed on the screen else get a transaction receipt by selecting print.
  • Mini Statement of Account: Keep track of the transactions in your account by availing this service. Mini-statement gives you an insight into the last 10 transactions in your account.
  • Green PIN: You can generate your Green PIN through these machines.
  • YONO Cash: You can withdraw cardless cash withdrawal up to ₹20,000/- using YONO Cash
  • A nominal fee of ₹22 plus GST for cardless deposit and on cash deposit using SME Insta/Business debit card

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How to withdraw cash from SBI ADWM

1) Go into any SBI ADWM in your locality with your debit card
2) Insert your debit card into the ADWM. From the available options select banking.
3) Select your preferred language and press the next button.
4) Enter your ATM PIN.
5) From the screen select Cash Withdrawal from the options and then click on it.
6) Now, type the amount to be withdrawn. The shutter of SBI’s Automated Deposit and Withdrawal Machine will open. Now you can collect your money.